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Masters Scott and Jean Good

Little Ninjas   LITTLE NINJAS is THE program for 4 & 5 year olds.  It teaches them the agility, coordination and discipline to start them on their Martial Arts journey.  The Little Ninjas curriculum emphasizes strong fundamentals, like Balance, Focus Skills, Basic Martial Arts Techniques, and Gross Motor Coordination and Skills.  Students develop a strong foundation to enable them to succeed in school, Martial Arts and in life.

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T'ai Chi ClassT'AI CHI classes have begun and the students are discovering that 'low impact' does not mean 'wimpy workout'! 
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T'AI CHI TESTIMONIAL "I signed up for Tai Chi to improve my agility, flexibility, and balance. I was also interested in learning how the philosophy of Tai Chi might help me be more calm and more balanced. What surprises me is that, even with very slow motions, I get more of a workout than I expected. It includes steps I can learn to do at home so eventually I can make this a daily practice. I love the calm atmosphere of Tai Chi, the music and calm mood, the focus and breathing, and slowly feeling my arms and legs loosen up." - Steve C.

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Cane Class
   WEAPONS classes are currently in session!  Beginner and
Intermediate Cane classes are under way, with Escrima also being added into the Intermediate class.
  The cane is the only weapon you can legally take with you everywhere.  It is a practical instrument; non-threatening yet powerful and effective against attackers.  Weapons classes rotate in three-month sessions and are available to all adult students and children ranking red belt and above.

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Master Jean GoodRead the Article:
Jean Good: Six Degrees of Connection
by Steve Coxsey, LPC

Master Jean Good reached the rank of 6th Dan Black Belt in the World Youn Wha Ryu Association.

On December 1st, 2007, Master Jeanie tested before Grandmaster Man H. Han and a dojang full of supporters from around the country. She became the third 6th Dan and the only woman to achieve this milestone.

Steve Coxsey interviewed Master Jeanie and has written an insightful, inspirational chronicle of her journey to 6th Dan.


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