At Grapevine Martial Arts, we begin with Youn Wha Ryu Tae Kwon Do.

It is a style developed by Grandmaster Man Hee Han, built on a foundation of traditional Tae Kwon Do and Karate.  He then added in "the best of the best", incorporating techniques, forms and fighting styles from Hapkido, Judo and Hwarang Do Swordsmanship. [ read more ]

We continue that tradition by offering a variety of complementary courses:

Tae Kwon Do for Children and Adults
Little Ninjas
T'ai Chi
Weapons Classes
Leadership and Instructor Courses

Little Ninjas


     - 4 & 5 year olds            - Basic martial arts technique
     - Discipline   - Coordination
     - Motor skills   - Foundation for success

T'ai Chi Class


     - Adults   - Relaxation
     - No pre-requisite   - Emotional Harmony
     - Low impact   - Physical Well-Being

T’ai Chi is an exercise of the body, of the mind and of the spirit.  It is about self-cultivation. Some people call T’ai Chi a relaxation exercise and to others, it is a martial art.  Still others view it simply as a health maintenance system or as a method of “moving-meditation”.  In fact, T’ai Chi is all these things and more.

With T’ai Chi nothing is overlooked, all the ingredients of life being of equal   importance.  What one eats, how one exercises and the way one acts are as important as what one thinks and believes. To be sensitive, open, spirited, poised and in tune with Nature are qualities that would benefit anyone.

These are the goals of T’ai Chi.

Cane Class


     - Adults and Children    - Cane
     - Red belt and up   - Escrima
     - Self defense   - Bo staff
     - Coordination   - Three month class rotation


   S.T.O.R.M. Leadership Courses / Level I and Level II
- assistant instructor courses for children

   Instructor Certification Courses:
     - Level I :: Assistant Instructor
     - Level II :: Instructor Certification
     - Level III :: 3rd Dan and up Annual Refresher Courses
     - Level IV :: Weapons and Youn Wha Self Defense Certification